Synnabar’s goal is to provide the best management consulting service available. We are experts in Leadership Development and Organizational Development. Our Leadership Development Services include team building, conflict resolution, employee assessment, employee selection, employee development, executive coaching, and performance management.

Our Organizational Development services include change management, succession planning, and strategic facilitation. We believe that an organization’s human capital drives its culture; and its corporate culture drives its success. In addition to our management consulting capabilities we offer a whole range of training programs including: leadership training, management training, strategic thinking, teambuilding, team leadership, facilitator training, and coach-the-coach training.


Synnabar Consulting has a singular focus: enhancing performance in organizations. We offer a full range of custom designed processes and programs to achieve this from the organizational level to the individual level. Our mission is to assist in the alignment of an organization’s strategic goals with its human resource assets and to implement these goals at every level in the organization.

All our consultants are experts in behavior change in organizations. The application of our skills to Human Resource Management is supported by our belief that there is no fundamental conflict between people and profits. On the contrary, our formula for success is:

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