Defining Tomorrow
A strategic process for inventing the future. Who do we want to be?

Assessing Today
Taking stock. Employing state-of-the-art methodologies to understand who we are today. How are we doing?

Making the Change
Producing a plan distilled from our understanding of the gap between who/where we are and who/where we want to be. Implementing that plan.

Measuring Progress
Reassessing where we are, re-evaluating where we want to be, refining the plan, and continuing the implementation.

This specialization demands that we are both highly focused in terms of our objectives and unusually diverse in terms of delivery capabilities.

The above model describes our approach whether applied to an individual, a team, a department, or a whole organization.

We custom design solutions for the whole process, or for any specific part of the process, and work in partnership with internal resources in their delivery.


Executive Coaching
Derailment Prevention
Developing Technical Professionals
Developing High Potentials
Partner Development: Professional Service Firms
Leadership Development
Hiring the Best By Design

Team Development
Executive Team Enhancement
Cross-Functional Team Facilitation
Board Facilitation
Team Audits
Team Fix-Its
Kick-Start Workshops for Project Teams

Strategy Development Facilitation
Organizational Audits
Organization Surveys
Strategy Implementation
Culture Alignment
M&A Alignment
Culture Change
Change Management
Creating Ethical Communities
Succession Planning
Mobilizing Communication
Metrics That Matter: Measuring for Success

Training for Internal HR Team in Management Development
Group Design for Leadership Development
Coach the Coach Program for Managers and Leaders
Individual Development: an overview for HR Professionals
Organizational Development: an overview for HR Professionals


We offer both in-house and public seminars and workshops related to all the above consulting capabilities. For details of these or of any of our services.

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